The Geochemist's Workbench

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Terrachem Pty Ltd is an approved reseller of The Geochemist's Workbench (GWB)

The Geochemist's Workbench is the preferred commercial geochemical modelling software package amongst geochemical professionals. It is distinguished by its advanced capabilities and rapid graphical display of model results. GWB is supplied in three editions, with different levels of functionality as follows:

Essentials Edition- Geochemical spreadsheet (GSS module) , Edit Thermodynamic Data (TEdit), Species, gas and mineral stability diagrams depending on activity and temperature respectively (Act2 and Tact modules) , calculation of chemical reactions and equilibria (Rxn module) and calculation of aqueous speciation (SpecE8 module). A graphic display module (Gtplot) is also included to plot data.

The Geochemist's Workbench Essentials

Standard Edition - Geochemical reaction calculations (React module) in addition to the modules included with the Essentials edition.

The Geochemist's Workbench Standard

Professional Edition - Reactive transport modelling (now including colloids) in one (X1t module) and two (X2t module) dimensions with a dedicated graphic display module (Xtplot) in addition to the modules included with the Standard edition. The Geochemist's Workbench Professional


Terrachem undertakes to supply GWB at a competitive cost within Australia, with the added option of purchasing local support (Perth).

Detailed product information can be obtained and direct purchases* can be made from the GWB website at

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