Geochemical Assessments & Site investigations


Terrachem carries out geochemical assessments for mining and industrial clients, comprising all project stages from pre-feasibility to post closure. Materials are assessed based on their geochemical properties, processes to which they may be subjected and their environmental-geological context.

Important areas of expertise, include:

Waste Characterisation [Characterisation of various geochemical properties of mine waste rock, tailings and process wastes, as well as industrial, power generation and other wastes to evaluate their pollution potential]

Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) assessments [also referred to as Acid Mine Drainage or Acid and Metalliferous Drainage (Australia specific) - (AMD)]

Acid Sulphate Soils (ASS) and sediment assessments [Associated with several different types of projects, including dredging, construction, water supply and some mining projects]

Water Quality assessments [including contact surface water quality and seepage water quality associated with potentially polluting materials and liquid wastes]

Mine Pit Lake Water Quality [Assessment and modelling of mine pit lake water quality]

Mining and industrial Waste Contamination Evaluation [contamination from tailings, waste rock, and other mine and industrial wastes]

Water and Waste Management Strategies [Development of plans and strategies to minimise or avoid environmental contamination from water and waste streams].

Geochemical assessments rely on field sampling, laboratory analysis and data analysis to provide a qualitative and quantitative understanding of potential pollutants that can be or have been generated from mining and industrial activities. Assessments may use standardised tests or tailored tests to evaluate geochemical composition and behaviour. Analytical or numerical modelling may be used to synthesise modelling data, which enables quantitative or semi-quantitative understanding of a system. This enables rational management approaches and measures to be developed and implemented and risk to be evaluated defensibly.