Field programmes

monTerrachem provides specialist expertise for development and implementation of sampling programmes. Services include project management, QA/QC, sampling strategy development, sampling, laboratory support and management and interpretation of analytical results.

Sampling is generally the costliest component of an exploration or monitoring programme due several factors, including personnel and equipment costs, as well as logistical issues. Sampling is often where errors originate for various reasons, a situation which is compounded through a lack of adequate guidance of inexperienced and under qualified staff in an attempt to save costs. Such errors can result in impairment of project progress or unexpected impacts and / or liabilities. Terrachem can assist in collecting representative samples and applying suitable QA/QC procedures. We also provide support with reporting, classification and interpretation of data.

The Terrachem view of environmental monitoring is that it is more than a legal obligation. It is a means for responsible companies to identify potential environmental environmental risks before they are realised and to apply data to proactively manage and reduce risk, thereby reducing liability and saving money in the long term. Such savings are realised because early detection usually minimises remediation costs and / or can help to prevent or reduce the contaminated area or volume, as well as contaminant loads.

Adequate empirical data (with adequate QA/QC) is also necessary to ensure that any models are representative. Data, and models that depend on them, are often used for legal compliance, assessment and / or management purposes. Reliable empirical data is therefore essential for proper risk management.