ard2Terrachem Pty Ltd provides specialist environmental and exploration geochemistry services. Environmental geochemistry is an important consideration for the management of potentially hazardous wastes and contaminated waters, in combination with other skill sets. Exploration geochemistry has been one of the primary tools used for successful mineral exploration in the last century. We have experience primarily in mining but also in the assessment contaminated land and water related to other industries and  power generation.
Mining environmental geochemistry services include expertise in Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) and metal leaching potential from mining wastes and rock exposures, including tailings, waste rock, open pits, underground workings and process residues and effluents. Miscellaneous solid and liquid wates generated by other pollution sources are also evaluated, either according to mining legislation and guidelines or contaminated sites legislation and guidelines, as required. Typical mining-related projects include waste and water management aspects associated with mine approvals, impact assessments, feasibility studies, closure planning, remediation and operations. Other projects are associated with monitoring and / or remediation of contaminated sites.

In association with clients, regulators and partners, Terrachem aims to integrate often poorly understood geochemical principles into operational practice and planning, to minimise environmental risk and improve efficiency.

Exploration services include sampling, geochemical data assessment and interpretation, QA/QC,  exploration strategy development and reporting.


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